ePMP and RF Elements

We are in the redesign of our platform, I would like to use RF Elements Horn Antennas with ePMP3000. I’ve read on this forum that even with the TwinHorn, MU-MIMO doesn’t work. Is this still so? is any improvement expected so that by integrating RF Elements and Cambium, MU-MIMO works?

Wouldn’t it be up to RF elements to decide they want to build something like that ?

That said, MU works with dual horns… mostly… you just can’t overlap the coverage of the two horns according to Cambium. So if you wanted 60° of coverage you would use 2 x 30° horns. Everyone on Horn A should be groupable with everyone on Horn B however no one is groupable with anyone on the same horn they are. So a bit of a downside compared to the 3000 Sector where everyone 8° (is it 8 or 12 ?) apart is groupable.

Also, I assume that since it’s pretty much impossible to not have some amount of overlap between the two horns laid out side by side those in the middle where they do overlap will not be able to do MU.

The only way around that I think would be if you had 2 x 3000 AP’s and laid your coverage out sort of AP #1 Horn A Channel A| AP #2 Horn A Channel B | AP #1 Horn B Channel A | AP #2 Horn B Channel B

Is this not what you want?
SS_ePMP3000_dualHorn_MU-MIMO_02272020.pdf (1.7 MB)

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