ePMP AP or SM - SNMP OID for Device Type?

We’re trying to poll our network for specific device types for an in-depth inventory. PMP450 has OIDs that will include full device type (i.e. 450b vs 450 vs 450i, etc) when polling either the SM directly, or when making the request to an AP regarding its client list.

I have not been able to find anything similar on ePMP - is there a known OID that will provide device type, either when polling the SM directly, or as part of a station list from an AP? Ideally something that would work on e1k/e2k/e3k (or F110/180/200/300) all, but looking through MIBs it seems all ePMP platforms likely use the same MIBs/OIDs.

Example of the information I’m trying to gain:

Is the SM an F110, or an F200? Is an AP an e2k or an e3k? We are looking for specific device types, not just the general product line.

Hi Nick,

We can use SKU ID for this purpose. Poll IP with OID . and compare the result on SKU table to conclude radio model. Refer snap/MIB file all SKU IDs.