ePMP AP without GPS


is it possible use the C050900A023A as an AP for about 50 stations?

I don't need GPS sync.

Yes... all ePMP products can be configured for ap, sm, or in point to point roles.

One note to add to this, if you chose to use a non AP as an AP there is a limited number of SMs that can connect. Currently that limit is 10. For the Force110 PTP it's my understanding there will be soon an option to upgrade it to an AP with a license key. 

I hope that the license key will have a low price compared to a GPS Synched AP.

Is there a release date?

I think it’savailable now, according to this thread.

C050900A023A will work as an AP with "unlimited" SMs.  There is no license restriction on this.  50 stations will associate, though I'd be careful with that kind of deployment - even at 40 MHz channels you have to conserve your bandwidth plans to customers.

It does not sync and only has a 100 meg port, that's definitely different.

I'm only guessing, but I think the GPS radios can handle more PPS.