ePMP automatic backups

Hi all, is there any way to create automatic backups from the AP and save it in a remote ftp for example? Is it possible from cnmaestro?

I am also wondering why it is not implemented the backup to ftp export like all the other bands have? 

Disaster happens so we need to keep a backup of the configuration somewhere. 


It is not supported today, but it was discussed several times in community before.

I believe configurations storage should be already in cnMaestro features list which are waiting for implementation.

Thank you.

You can automate it from the outside, for instance with a perl script on a NAS or a server somewhere.

I have such a script that backs up all ePMP AP, SM, and BH radios on the network every night at 2am.  Below is the AP backup subroutine - it expects the IP passed to it, and $community to contain the read/write community string.  (My main loops pull a list of all AP IP addresses from mysql, then all BH IPs [master and slave], then all SM IPs, and runs this or nearly-identical subroutines for each radio one after another)  Obviously you'd need to alter it somewhat, at least to define $community and $ip, and specify your desired destination path in the wget command's "-O" parameter.  (yeah, I admit that's 'cheating' using a shell-out to "wget", but quicker to code and I don't care if it runs for 90 minutes or 30 minutes)

sub backupap
    my ($ip) = @_;
    print "ap $ip\n";
    my ($session, $error) = Net::SNMP->session(
        -version     => 'snmpv2c',
        -hostname  => $ip,
        -timeout   => 4,
        -retries   => 2,
        -community => $community,
        -port      => 161
    if (!defined($session))
        print "SNMP session ERROR scanning $ip: $error\n";
        exit 1;
my $result = $session-&gt;set_request( -varbindlist  =&gt; [ '.',  INTEGER, 1 ] );<br>    if (!defined($result)) { <br>        print "SNMP ERROR ($ip): ".$session-&gt;error."\n";<br>        $session-&gt;close;<br>        return;<br>    }<br>    sleep 5;
my $result = $session-&gt;get_request(-varbindlist =&gt; ['.']);
my $r2=$result-&gt;{'.'};
my $r2=`/usr/bin/wget -O /var/www/epmp.backups/ap/backup_$ip.bin $r2`;




Thanks! For now I'm gonna use this method to keep the backups. Very useful.

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To add to this, would LOVE to see an auto TFTP option like Netonix has where it will auto download the new config each time one is saved on the AP or SM to a TFTP server. That has saved our butts with Netonix numerous times. We have a Synology RackStation running in the NOC with tons of drive space that collect all our config files each time we save them...