ePMP Basic Troubleshooting before RMA

ePMP Basic Information and Troubleshooting - To be reviewed before RMAing your radio


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Definition of a DOA radio

  • Any radio that will not power up or has obvious power defects right out of the box.  Radio has not been in the field and is within 30 days of purchase date



  • Verify PoE  and\or power brick are functional

  • Verify cables are functional – if possible, plug into a known working radio

  • Verify LEDs are functioning – note any LEDs that might indicate a problem



  • Verify appropriate LED is working (check enet, gps, power,etc)

  • Can you Ping the default and\or local IPs ( and

  • Attempt direct connection to GUI interface of radio (bypassing any possible switch\router issues)


RF Conditions

  • Check configuration settings such as: Tx power, antenna connectivity, antenna gain, connectivity, GPS\Sync settings and devices

  • Target Receive Power should be the same on all APs in the same geographic area

  • Check Spectrum Analysis (and be sure the radio has been put back into regular operational mode following SA)

  • Check appropriate statistics on Monitor\Performance – note any dropped\error packets

  • Check SysLog if available

If problem persists, then proceed to “Open Support Request”  http://www.cambiumnetworks.com/support/open-a-support-case