Epmp cnM Template: Disable management accounts

Is there a way to disable accounts other then admin from a cnM Template for epmp.

"cambiumSysAccountsTable": [
			"cambiumSysAccountsName":	"admin",
			"cambiumSysAccountsHash":	"",
			"cambiumSysAccountsUID":	"1000",
			"cambiumSysAccountsGID":	"4",
			"cambiumSysAccountsDir":	"\/tmp",
			"cambiumSysAccountsShell":	"\/usr\/bin\/clish"
		  },		  {
			"cambiumSysAccountsName":	"installer",
			"cambiumSysAccountsHash":	"",
			"cambiumSysAccountsUID":	"2000",
			"cambiumSysAccountsGID":	"100",
			"cambiumSysAccountsDir":	"\/tmp",
			"cambiumSysAccountsShell":	"\/bin\/false"

Try re-posting this on the ePMP board. They should be able to help with the specific settings/actual contents of configuration templates.

Does removing the account from “cambiumSysAccountsTable” in the template remove the account on the device?

All you need to do is download a config from a SM that has the changes saved already (dont us the AP config, there are differences), copy the section you want to propagate onto your network into a cnMaestro template and then on the epmp network in cnMaestro, apply the template and it will go down the tree applying the changes.

Use notepad or some other text editor that does not change the character set (word/wordpad and others like it do change character sets on you). Copy an existing template config from cnMaestro then copy your wanted changes into the middle, delete what is not wanted but leave the template structure intact. Copy back into cnMaestro.

There does not seem to be any difference between the AC based radios and the N based radios for the accounts portion but be aware that there are some differences that make using an AC config for a template incompatible with N based radios.

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If you put a ! in front of the hash it will disable the account!!

"cambiumSysAccountsHash":	"!${passwordHash}",

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