ePMP config stuck at 20 mhz operational bandwidth


We primary use Mikrotik but found out early that their access point performance readily degrades as the number of customers go up. So we decided to try ePMP 3000 because of their elevate software which we have not gotten to work to elevate MK to Cambium.

Anyway, we also got some force 300 and the performance is good ~120 MPs on 20 MHz, this is where our dilemma is, it does NOT have an option to change from 20 MHz operational bandwidth to anything else, the firmware is 4.3. We did enter a license for the elevate portion to work.

How can we change the operational bandwidth to 40Mhz?????
Any idea on why it is stuck in 20 MHz? Could it be that license?


Please try to upgrade the AP to the 4.5 or 4.5.4 firmware.

Thank you.