ePMP: Configuring SM Scheduler Attributes

Use the Radio page to configure the device radio interface parameters. This post will focus on the Scheduler attributes.

TDD mode or ePTP Slave mode


Uplink Max Rate

Configure the MCS (Modulation and Coding Scheme) rate beyond which the radio’s scheduler should not exceed when transmitting data traffic on the uplink. This is useful in situations where there is high variance and unpredictability in the interference present in the environment causing packet loss. Reducing the max rate to a lower MCS (than the default MCS 15) may help in these situations. Reducing the Uplink Max Rate will result in reduced throughput capacity of the SM in the uplink. Not available when SM is in ePTP Slave or Standard WiFi mode. 

Standard WiFi mode

Distance to AP

In Standard WiFi mode, this parameter represents cell coverage radius. SMs outside the configured radius will not achieve optimal throughput. It is recommended to configure Distance to AP to match the actual physical maximum range of the farthest subscriber. This must be configured to match the range of the farthest subscriber on all SMs under the AP regardless of their respective distance from the AP.

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is there any chance that in the future release it will be possible to have further DL/UL rates? e.g. 80/20, 90/10, etc. It will be really helpful in some case.

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Hi Val - this was asked when they rolled out the “ratios every 5%” feature - and the answer at that time was no, there’s no plans to go more than 75% in a direction.

FWIW, for me - I agree - I’d prefer 80%/20% or 85%/15%… but I can also understand that at some point, the overhead might make a ratio not feasible too. That being said, if 75%/25% works so well, it seems like 80%/20% should still be feasible. I’d like that.

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