ePMP connectorized polarity?

On the connectoried radios (Synced APs and non-sync connectorized 2.4 SMs) which side is what polarity?

Install guide has one lame picture that suggests the left side is H, but that's all I can confirm.  The back of the sectors also suggest that H is on the left, but I would like to confirm this before sealing everything up.
ref: ePMP%20Installation%20Guide_v1.pdf

Yes, your statement sounds correct about both devices and their polarity.  Of note, it doesn't matter.  Technically in a MIMO radio it will still work even if they are crossed, I yield to Cambium for that explanation.


Yes, On the 5 GHz units, H is the left side of both the antenna and the radio (with the Cambium logo facing you). The install guide is correct. Let me know if you need further clarification. 



Are 2.4 GHz different than 5?

The 2.4GHz Cambium sector antenna is dual slant. So yes, it is different from the 5 GHz. 

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I'm actually using IT Elite sectors and panels.  They are vpol and hpol.  I didn't think about the stock stuff being 45* so I see why you answered that question that way.  Thanks for the clarification.


The main reason I want it installed as labeled is to identify noise through the radio's spectrum analyzer.  I assume that if it isn't able to identify polarity now a software change can make this doable.