ePMP dropping from cmm3 + 4

Hi Guys,

We seem to have some of our epmp's randomly dropping offline. This mostly seems to be common on the 2.4's.

We can usually reboot the unit by power cyclying the port on the cmm. This happens when connected to the cmm micros or the cmm4s.

Is there a known issue or where can I start troubleshooting this one?


Hi Andrew,

Please provide the following information to narrow down the cause:

-May I know the software version running on the ePMP radios?

-Is that happens to all the ePMP radios connected to the CMM or it happens only for few or any particular radio?

-May I know the software version running on the CMM?

-How frequently it happens? or  how long it works fine after power cycle?

-Please provide the syslog from any one of the radio which has this issue.


You can open a case with our Technical Support team by sending an email to support@cambiumnetworks.com and we will help you and resolve the  issue.


Vijay Gnanamurtthi