Epmp Elevate and mikrotik

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Mikrotik already introduced nv2 fixed frame mode in latest RC version so if you are in a bad position, go and try it.

That's not sync though

any news?

Probably the development is directed to the AC device rather than to the support of hw mikrotik. I chose the cambium for the functional gps sync and the licensed mikrotik support. Today, this support is very poor, and so does some licensing server on epmp migrated device because I'm afraid of hw problem cambium AP and the following upgrade for new and license hits.

Mikrotik is experimenting with AP sync:


Any chance to have an answer from cambium?

Not from 10.3.2017 :-(

Still behind information? Nor to email nikre nereagune :-(

Any update?

We do not have a date on this yet.

Any chance to have an hope for mikrotik hardware?

Does anyone know if this is still in the pipeline? If its still being worked on? Any light at the end of the tunnel?

Mikrotik is a different beast. We’re still working on it but facing challenges. There is a very very faint light at the end of the tunnel. We’re hoping it gets brighter soon.

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We are waiting one and a half year, and nothing happens.

In my opinion You have very poor programmers.

Let's look at www.radioos.pl/en/

Tehere is software working perfectly with mikrotik.

I say more, if You install radioOS You can easily back to ROS.

It worked since 2011 - so tell me please where is the problem?

Tell us truth, not marketing gibberish.


Development of Elevate Mikortik has progressed to initial system integration and test.  We are targeting a Q1 2018 commercial release.

We understand the broad market interest and demand but development has in fact been more challengng than expected.  On a positive note the current Elevate platform is performing exceptionally well and we receive consistent feedbac on its impact - we expectg the same for Mikrotik but will not receliease until we are satisfied with the performance and quality.



some new info? I will calmly become a betatester, I look forward to this version as a mercy

Hi zippo,

Shoot me a private message with your company name, country and mikrotik models you have.



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private message send

Id be interested in beta testing also.

I also sent you a private message with our availability for beta tests

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I'm also interessing to test.

pvt: info@netreality.it

thanks in advance.