ePMP Elevate CPE signal levels.

When SMs establish a connection to an AP they will initially show signal levels of eg 69/68 (down/up on the Monitor->Wireless page). After a minute or so this will change to eg 79/68. On the SM status page the signal level will show -79 also.

The equivalent happens to multiple SMs. It only appears to happen to NAT'ed SMs, the few which are bridged do not exhibit this, they retain the original balanced signal level. This has happened on 3.5.2 and continues today on update to 4.5

This happens with both XM and XW hardware but only seems to happen on ePMP2000 APs.

Is this 5Ghz or 2.4GHZ ? If it’s 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz DFS I have no explination.

Possibly because in 5Ghz non-DFS channels the customer radios are allowed to use more power to transmit since they are a PTP connection while the AP has to use less power since it is a PTMP connection. All of my non-DFS AP’s the customer radios have way more Uplink RSSI than Downlink RSSI because not only are the customer radios pointed straight at the sector but they also use more TX power.


I don’t think it’s a DFS or power output level issue. We replaced one of the elevate units with a Force200 and the signal levels are approx equal.

I believe it is an elevate firmware issue.

If you can open the ticket with Cambium support we would be interested to arrange the remote session and check what is going wrong.

Thank you.