ePMP Elevate license issues improvement

Can we have some sort of improved license system.

If an AP fails, I dont send it back to the supplier, I just throw it out and put a new one up from the truck.

So I would like to purchase a pool of licenses. Eg. We buy 1000 licenses.

The AP should be able to connect to the licensing server and pull from the pool of licenses as subscribers connect and disconnect. If it cannot pull a license then the cpe device should be kicked off after 10 minutes.

For those that dont want their hardware connecting to an external license server, then the server should be able to issue a key instantly that is loaded into an AP and licenses it for the selected number of licenses from the pool, and locks up those licenses until the RMA process is completed or a downgrade key is loaded into the AP and a return code entered back into the license server web interface.

The important thing is there should be absolutley no waiting for licenses to be issued - the license server should be able to accept a license payment and issue it instantly. NO WAITING!!!

Thumbs up, that's a great idea!

We are working to improve the license fulfullment, but are not planning to change to a server model.