ePMP Elevate on UBNT - Terminating warranty ?

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Before starting the upgrade, we would like to be sure that by doing it  wont affect UBNT warranty  on the equipment.

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I wouldn't count on any warranty, but really UBNT are who you'd need to ask, not Cambium...

https://www.ubnt.com/support/warranty/ states, among other things:

This Product Warranty does not apply to any Product that we determine has been, in any way: dis-assembled, modified or altered, other than by us or as authorized by us; painted, rebranded or physically modified; improperly installed or not used at all times in accordance with the applicable Product documentation; damaged due to improper cabling or installation; subjected to misuse, abuse, negligence, or abnormal physical, electromagnetic or electrical stress; damaged or impaired as a result of the use of third party hardware, firmware or software; or, has had its original Ubiquiti Networks MAC address label removed; or, has not been received by us within thirty (30) days of issuance of the RMA.

Of course the interpretation of "modified or altered" and "impaired as a result of the use of third party hardware, firmware or software" would be entirely up to Ubiquiti, and if they decide something you sent back doesn't qualify for warranty they further state "Any Product shipped to us under an RMA, but which is not covered by this Product Warranty, will not be returned."

Caveat Emptor, no surprise.  I guess what it comes down to is if you Elevate your UBNT radios, you'll only be sure of warranty from them if you can restore their firmware before shipping back, which may not be feasible.


Under the Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act Enacted in 1975 states that they can say what they want, it is up to them to prove that the alteration caused the damage, if the product has a manufacturer defect they still have to cover it. Apple got burnd on this if I recall saying  jailborken phones were no longer coverd and if you take a jailborken phone in and they give you te bull crap you mention that act they will cover it then. Same goes with thoes stupid if seal broken stickers,  you are allowed to open up your equipment and it is up to the manufacturer to prove that you did something to damage the equipment.

Found and exaple article on this


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