EPMP Elevate Software GUI demo

Is it possible to get a mock setup GUI to play with on Cambiums website?  I'm just curious as I'm hoping some features are there as Ubiquiti had a Router mode to block DHCP in case of someone plugging a router in backwards and killing off a network easily.

I do have some experience with the older Cambium products and the new PMP450 Line, but im hoping the elevate software has an option to click off on DHCP upload.

And I was wondering are they allowing users on the forum to try out there beta or alpha software on Live AP's/ CLients for 2.4ghz?

I have alot of legacy 2.4ghz products and look forward to trying out Elevate on that platform, as we have alot of users with NLOS or Very Little Line of SIght, in some cases we use the 900mhz UBNT line still.  Sorry Cambium there 900mhz just put out a bit more than Cambiums 900mhz line back in the day :)

I haven't jumped to the 900mhz PMP450 line yet due to the costs of migrating 180 SM's over its just not applicible in my situation as a small Wisp.

Hi Tmoreau,

DHCP server from subscriber site is blocked by default even in bridge mode(you can enable it if you really want).

To get a rought idea of ePMP interface you can check screenshots in ePMP User Manual on our support site. It will give you the rough idea of available functionality.

2.4GHz elevate is in roadmap for Q1 2017 and it is not available yet.