ePMP F300-16 Inventory problems

Is there an ongoing inventory problem with F300-16 radios? I can’t seem to find them anywhere. If yes, what is the problem and when will it be resolved?


Have you reached out to your RSM to have them do a stock locate for you?

No. So there isn’t a stock/inventory shortage? I can certainly ask the RSM.

Your RSM should be able to quickly tell you if there are stocking issues, but also let you know what distributors have inventory. Always go to your RSM first for questions like this.


According to our RSM, no shipments from the factory on the F300-16 until September. Ocean freight is another 8-12 weeks so no F300-16s until December 2022. All distributor are out of stock as well.

Have you reached out to any places that sell used equipment, like SWG?

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