ePMP F425 non-existent uplink performance over PPPoE

Hey everyone, I’m wondering if anyone else has had issues with this at all. Full disclosure, I’ve had my units since beta testing and couldn’t seem to make much progress on this issue… then things got a little too busy with our other projects to keep up with correspondence.

As far as link quality goes, everything looked phenomenal when I had these installed in the field. Signals/SNR looked fantastic, link tests fantastic (on a 20 MHz channel even, HUGE upgrade!), but as soon as I establish PPPoE connectivity there is practically no throughput on the uplink side. (downlink still looks fantastic though…)

These are the only devices on our network that seem to react to PPPoE like this. I’ve tried every single firmware release since pre-release to no avail, messed with MTU settings, reset to factory defaults numerous times. Nothing. If anyone from Cambium would like to work with me on this, my calendar is relatively clear at this point for testing.

Would like to connect you on this.
Am not sure we already in touch through emails.
To start with, could you share the tech support files from both radios to sreejith.g@cambiumnetworks.com

We are still using pppoe in some epmp radios and found that there is some confusion in getting it to work.

set both the management vlan and the data vlan that pppoe can be found on. Then set the mtu to 1700 and the pppoe mtu to 1492.

Do not set and additional vlans in the vlan list!

Depending on your pppoe BRAS you may have to leave the service name and access concentrator blank. Cisco routers that are setup to provide pppoe service require you to either setup these on the cisco router as part of the pppoe advertisement or just leave them blank in the epmp.