ePMP failure

I have an ePMP non-gps sync radio connected to a sector 200' up on a tower. It has been sitting dormant for a couple months - never used.

I needed to take some load off the other end of my network so I connected it in PTP mode to said tower with a Force 110 dish. In PTP mode I increased the power to 30dbm to get my RX signal down around -64 on a 20mhz channel.

Link tests showed a pretty solid 50/50 with it set on flexible.

All seemed fine for about 8 hours than it quit. Showed no link on the LAN interface on the Routerboard I had it connected to.

A few hours later it began pinging again with no intervention and appeared to be fine.

I drove out to the remote tower site and changed the end on the cable reversing the voltage polarity so I could connect it to the PoE output of the routerboard and subsequently be able to reboot it remotely if I had the problem again.

Placed the load back on it again and about 8 hours same deal. Turned to port on and off to no avail - showed no link.

From the SM side I still had connection to the AP in that it was pingable. However, I could not SSH into the AP from the SM side which I also thought was weird unless there was some weird firmware issue going on.

Someone suggested locking the port speed to 100/full on both the radio and routerboard. I tried that as well. It didn't make any difference.

Both radios are running 2.3.4

Any ideas? Could running the radios at 30dbm be causing this problem? Is there any other weird quirk that could be causing this or am I stuck replacing the radio?



To be able to access the AP via ssh (or the management GUI) from the SM side, enable management thru LAN and WAN, at the AP configuration, as discussed in this other thread:


Hope this helps,


When I click that link I get an access denied error.

I dropped the TX power on the AP from 28 to 26. It has not locked up since. Waiting to see.

If that is the case, we need to figure out a fix.