Epmp Firmware and General info

Hi Guys,

I am a Radwin man and have started deploying a few canbium sites with little knowledge. I use all wireless for PTMP and PTP for CCTV applications. Firstly want to confirm the following

which is the current release of firmware for epm 200 and 180? (Most recent without bugs)

Also firmware for Epmp 2000 GPS sync and where can i download this.

I find the Web gui very slow is there a better way to configure units. Alo i have discovered I must hard reset the unit for changes to take place.

I am currently running firmware version 2.6.2 n the canbium 180 and 200 and 3.0 on 2000 would you reccomend i upgrade these.


Hey Aussieimport! Welcome to the forums! ePMP radios use a unified firmware release, with one caveat... there's a version for GPS radios and one for non-GPS. Current stable release is 3.2.2 and can be found HERE. You will need to create an account to get access to the updates. 2.6.2 is pretty old at this point, and current firmware revisions have significant GUI speed improvements. I'd recommend you update all your radios to 3.2.2.

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Do i need to update 1 release at a time? Also I have read 3.2.2 is very unstable.



You can update your devices directly from 2.6.2 to 3.2.2 Release.

It is not very unstable, but there is one major known issue related to SNMP daemon which is not fixed totally yet.

Thank you. 

Sorry this is my first time deploying the canbium product. Just want to clarify about the TX power of my subscribers on my PTMP network. When i set the tx power the unit does not update. Does it automaatically adjust even if I have ut set to manual. Am i better to leave the links running Auto?

Please provide some info?

Also I have a PTP Epmp 200 link and it looks like i cannot adjust the uplink downlink ratio as i can in the epmp 2000?


You are welcome!

ePMP devices in TDD mode are using ATPC to decrease interference with neighbours.

ATPC controls Tx Power on Sm even in Manual mode, but it cannot increase poweer to value higher than you've configured in Auto mode.

You can find information in details there:


ePMP Force 200 supports DL/UL ratio configuration as well.

Please provide more details regarding this question.

Thank you.

LOL.  I am sorry, but that is not an accurate statement to a new user.  The SNMP and DFS reflections have been known and continued problems since the 3.0+ FW.  Just because it gets better which each new release, does not negate the fact that the issue should have not come up in proper code to begin with. You do not have to look any further then the WISPA mailing list to confirm this when guys admit to downgrading back to 2.6 or 2.6.2.   What happen to the days of putting out good stable FW?  A WISP and their customers should not be dealing with these problems! I am beyond frustrated when a new user is told something is stable.

We have thousands of subs now and see the issues weekly....even on 3.2.2