ePMP Flexible License server down? status 503

All of our ePMP APs are showing issues with the Flexible License server, either Connecting to Server or status 503 (unavailable?)

Is anyone else experiencing or aware of this?


yes, I have 20 clients that cannot connect


same issue here elevate license did not work ti looks like there is a general problem at license server

A reboot of your AP should get your clients back online for 24 hours (?)

I’m seeing the same problem here

Same problem here. All elevate clients disconnected and APs fail to contact licensing server.

Logged a ticket with Cambium support but they say they are not aware of any problems - right…

Rebooted more than one AP, still fails to contact licensing server

Same issue here, support request submitted. Happy Friday.

Yes, I’m afraid there is a problem with the license server. We are working to get it fixed ASAP. Please see https://status.cambiumnetworks.com/ for updates.

Rebooting the AP doesn’t work - if you still have some Elevate clients connected, you definitely don’t want to reboot the AP, because only 1 Elevate client will be able to connect after rebooting, until the license server gets fixed.

The server should be back up and running now. Please let us know either here or via support ticket (or both) if you are still having problems.


Incident with this floating license server several times since the creation of the elevate program.
It’s not good when it happens, clients get nervous!
I made a wise decision when I bought fixed licenses…

Perhaps the grace period after loss of contact with the licanse server (or even after a reboot) could be extended from the current 5 (?) minutes to several hours, or a day. All elevated SMs connected but then dropped.

What firmware version are you running? Recent versions are supposed to hold licenses for up to 72 hours if they lose contact with the license server (unless the AP is rebooted).

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We had some historical issues with elevated nanostations on >3.5.2
The issue was resolved before xmas but upgrades had not been rolled out across the network.

I saw that APs on >4.5 retained clients and tried an upgrade on one from 3.5.2 but obviously that was not sufficient…

Thanks for the confirmation, our network team are rolling out the upgrades currently

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