ePMP force 130 not connecting to eMaestro server

I’m trying to onboard the ePMP force 130. By connecting it to LAN port of approved r195W switch but ePMP not connecting to eMaestro server…

my first time if someone have solution…

U must add it manually by adding serial to onbording in cnMaestro :slight_smile:

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there is two ways for this to work, manually add the serial number to cnMaestro or in the SM add the web address and credentials under config–>system.

once the radio makes a connection to the server, the radio will be available to be fully onboarded.


Thank you, I’ve added the serial number and eMaestro is ‘Waiting for Device’.
Q. what is average time for the radio make connection to the server?
I will leave it on overnight…

Usually takes about 1 minute. If it has been trying with no success then it can sleep for 15 mins. Usually a quick power cycle is all that is needed.

Please make sure that your cnMaestro is on your management network and all of your devices have a pingable path to cnMaestro.
If you are using cnMaestro cloud then your devices must be reachable from the internet.

To clarify this statement: your devices must be able to make outbound connections to the internet. They do not have to be able to receive inbound connections. Putting them behind a NAT gateway and/or firewall is fine.

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