ePMP Force 180 as wifi extender with cnpilot E500

Hi, i have a cnpilot E500 with a wifi configured, but i need more coverage area. So i bought a ePMP Force 180 for extend the wifi provided by the cnpilot. I’m having issues on how to do it. Is there any tutorial? Thanks to all

Not possible, it is not WiFi extender !

But if I put the ePMP as module and setup the favorite AP I can choose my wifi, and use it for reflex the signal

You run cat# cable from the F180 back to one of the LAN ports on the cnpilot and configure the F180 as an Access Point . So are you asking how to configure an F180 as a WiFi Access Point ?

As brubble said, you can co figure as an additional wifiAP of sorts but requires a cable connection as it doesnt do wifi repeat.
Can also be used as a high gain wifi receiver to ethernet and then use another wifi AP to provide wifi coverage.