ePMP Force 180 inaccessible

Hey all,

Have ePMP Force 180 AP and SM. Through Cloud cnMaestro.

Attempted firmware upgrade and AP has come online but no connectivity to SM.

I went onsite and connected directly to the router the SM is connected to. From that I can ping the SM’s IP address but cannot access the web interface nor ssh to it.

Is there some other way I can access it?



EDIT: the ap’s were on 3.5.1 (pretty much haven’t been touched since install). Updated to 3.5.6 (wanted to do it gradually just in case). The AP shows 3.5.6 in cnMaestro. SM shows as offline.


Try to access SM directly (via it’s PoE data port)
The back door IP of SM is

If not able to access, try reset to factory default by pressing the physical reset button.

Thanks Sreejith! I was able to get in and manually updated the sm to same as ap and all good!

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