ePMP Force 180 link behind the trees

Has anyone any experience using ePMP Force 180 for a link behind the trees? It would be better if anyone had any previous experiences. I am going to test tomorrow 2.5 KM link with its full power (47 dBm EIRP).

Suggestion is required from anyone having previous experience is appritiated.

It depends: if the trees are a “light” obstacle it can work. I mean: if you have a signal > -75 it can works good.
If you have a signal lower than -75 because the path is full of trees than it won’t work very good and that user (if can connect to the AP) will use low modulations (MCS1, 2) and if it’s an heavy user it won’t be a good thing for your sector performances!

I had a link in your situation for a limited period of time and it worked good using MCS0 as management data rate in the AP even if the signal was very low (< -80) because the noise floor was very low, but it was a temporary link.

I have now a customer which didn’t have trees in the past and now it has trees in his path and its signal went from -60 to -88… And it doesn’t work anymore :frowning: I had to say him I can’t give him internet service anymore.
Unfortunately 5GHz is not so good for NLOS links. You should go with 2.4GHz.

We've had amazing performance through trees in 2.4Ghz.  We have clients at 12 km shooting through a wind-row around their homes, and clients at 2 Km shooting through a complete bluff of trees.  Those are typically Force200's or even ePMP1000 with a 22dB DualPol Grid connected.  More gain is better. :)

Of course, the other thing to be aware of with any frequency and power and antenna gain - when you are shooting through dry trees, it's WAY different than when those trees get full of rain. Water absorbs and distorts the signals - so even a -73 that might be working well on a dry day, you have to take into account how much rain (or snow or ice) those trees will hold on a bad day and make sure you have the link budget for that.

BUT - certainly 2.4Ghz is going to punch through way way more trees than 5Ghz is. :)

Yesterday I tried to do the link. I got 70~73 dBm signal. It is very good signal, actually more than I expected. But due to ping loss issue, I could not use the connectivity. Downlink capacity was fluctuating 20-60% and uplink was 10-40%. It is rainy season here and trees are all wet. So I had to drop the link and used different radio.

I forgot to say you could lock your uplink MCS on Force 180 for more stability.
Did you try to use spectrum analyzer? What was the noise floor?