ePMP Force 180 - Lock to Network


Hope someone can advise me please as I cant really find the resource I am looking for.

We want to use the Force 180 as backhaul devices , but I have two sites close to each other.  Network A and Network B are different companies and both have an ePMP AP installed on site

My SM backhaul units are moving between company A and company B even though I have different SSIDs setup.  How would I lock a SM to an AP using cnMaestro  to prevent clients at site A connecting to site B's network?

Any help gratefully appreciated.

Two solutions (we use both) come to mind:

1 - Use different WPA2 keys. (I do this on all ePMP/ePTP backhauls - every link has a unique key)

2 - Use the "Preferred APs" feature.  Accessible under Configuration->Radio, you can click "Add New AP" and lock that client to only talk to that AP, based on the SSID.  You can also click the "Add" button in the "Add as preferred" column under Monitoring->Wireless, enter the WPA2 key and save changes. (we use this for SMs on a sector)

I've no experience in deploying these via cnMaestro (we use it mostly for monitoring features) but would assume the first solution to be simpler there as well as via webUI...