Epmp Force 190/200 losing connection once uptime is 80 days

Since firmware 4.7 i’m receiving complains from clients losing connection. I noticed that all clientes lose connection when the uptime on the device is around 80 days, the most recent case got exactly " 81 days, 7 hours, 7 minutes, 34 seconds" and then pppoe connection dropped, checking the AP and CnMaestro info, the signal was correct, the CPU use was stuck at 100% during one hour and then it completly stopped working. This is simmilar to all other CPE with this issue.

After PoE reboot on client side the connection is back online as usual, getting back the same signal levels as before the CPE stopped working.

This is happening in different BTS and phisical locations, the only thing that it’s same to every SM is that they are all in the same software version and we0ve been receiving the reports after the mass update to 4.7.0 version.

Release notes for version don’t mention any fix related to this, the only way to prevent it seems to reboot the device before the uptime hits 80 days.

Any idea how to fix this issue? (besides me restarting every CPE from CnMaestro manually before the 80 day)

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Hi. I know this won’t directly answer your question, but contains a bunch of fixes, and it resolved all known issues which had known solutions. Everyone who is running 4.7 should upgrade to , even if it doesn’t specifically mention that it addresses this issue.

Besides, it’s pretty difficult for Cambium to go back to a previous version, and try to fix an issue which might already be fixed. Sometimes fixing issue X fixes symptom X, and also symptom Y (one bug can express itself in multiple symptoms)


Doesn’t look like fixes it as there are some reporting what appears to be this exact issue in the release thread

But I agree with ninedd as far as v7.0 goes I would either roll back to 4.6.# or move up because 4.7 was a real stinker.

I’m trying to update but lot of devices that are already on 4.7.0 aren’t able to update through CnMaestro. When i acces and try to load the firmware manually it shows an error that the device “It’s out of memory” and has to be rebooted. So far tried with two devices and both bloacked and lost connection completely, lost configuration or the simply don’t turn on anymore and have to be changed.

I’m little bit concerned about update +820SM and 61AP…

This issue was reported to Cambium by me when 4.7 was released. All of N units are affected with this issue.


I’m not sure if this will help, but perhaps pick some and do a record on then first? We updated a few hundred at one time from 4.7.0 to in April, but we also did the ‘shut off installer account’ and a reboot just prior. We did 300 is SMs at that time (April) and never had a brick. We’re mostly F300 but she N gear too, and no bricks.

So maybe reboot some just before and see how that works?

4.7 had this problem for me. I believe has fixed it, I haven’t seen it since updating.

And there is a 4.7.1-RC as well, although being a new version RC that adds features, and likely addresses some problems while introduced some new ones too.


same scenario … lost 6 devices on site were I have about 130 N devices ! no new reports , hope that is it !

Maybe it is better to wait for 4.7.1

No fix in stable version…

The best solution for now is staying on 4.6.2

We have found a memory lick. All N platform could be affected. It was fixed in scope of 4.7.1. I suggest to try new RC13 beta. We continue to monitor it but the reproduce may take some time.


Will wait for stable release if isn’t going to take too long.