ePMP Force 200

Does the Force 200 Ap/Sm requires additional grounding aside from the ground cables on the ethernet? I was checking the user guide for firmware 2.6 and don't see any instructions on it. I've seen other setup like for the PMP 450 Ap and SM grounding instructions. Do you have anything for the ePMP technology?


we are checking on this, but since the electronics are enclosed in the plastic tubing there are no other ground connections to the PCBA inside the tube other than thru the Ethernet wires. Is it lightning strikes that you are concerned with?

All I wanted is grounding instructions, e-mailed tech support and had a prompt answer. This is what they reply to me:

We have information available on Grounding and Surge suppressor used with the ePMP devices (in this case force 200). Please refer Page number 3, 71 and 72.