epmp force 200

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I just got an ePMP force 200 and i been wanted to upgrade the firmware but once i am in the support.cambiumnetworks.com i do not know what firmware to choose, there are plenty of versions.


Which firmware upgrade should i choose for a ePMP Force 200?? my current version is Software Version 2.4.3-RC16.


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If you're a fan of 'stable releases' then update it to 2.6.2, if you're OK with using RC/Beta firmware I'd go with 3.0.1_RC9. (You have to opt in to the Beta program to access it, you'd then have 'Current', 'Archive', and 'Beta' sections at https://support.cambiumnetworks.com/files/epmp/ )  The 3.0 release has a problem with over-limiting EIRP on SMs. (at least in FCC environs, unsure if that problem affects all localities)