ePMP Force 300 - Powering via Mikrotik Router

Hey guys, so we got a pair of the first Force 300 models that were released. According to my supplier, the polarity is inverted on the power wires, which is why our Mikrotik cloud switch doesn't want to power it.

According to my logic (correct me if I'm wrong), we should be able to simply change how we crimp the cable for the Mikrotik to power it? We use the T568B standard (orange+white, orange, green+white, blue, blue+white, green, brown+white, brown) on all our cables. Does anyone here know what the crimp sequence must be in order for the polarity to change so it can power on our Mikrotik? I'm hesitant to experiment myself, as I don't really want to buy a new set right now...

Prepare the RJ45 going to the F300 as you would for any CPE/AP.  For the RJ45 going to the Tik, the wires that would go to pins 4 and 5 will go to 7 and 8, and the wires that would go to 7 and 8 will go to 4 and 5. Basically, your blues and browns will switch places.