EPMP Force 300

Di any one test these devices and if they did at what distance 

I tried them at 16km and the kept dropping the link after 10 to 15 minutes.

I have not tried the Beta v4.1.1-RC1, I tried them with Beta 4.1-BRC13

I have a force 300 up for testing and my AP end will hard reboot 50 to 60 times in 24 hours not happy with it link is 3.5 mile can only get 105 meg down to SM if any one has a fix for the reboot let me know

Try RC11, this firmware solved almost Force 300 all problems.
Now, they are works well if i compare with others versions. The newest version 4.1.1 has many problems, as lost mac table and decrease throughput.

If you need RC11, request me.



I have the 4.1.1 RC11 on them same thing but now the unit will stay up from 1 day to 6 day then the lan side stops talking the wireless side stays up but the lan side on the AP end goes down and you must reboot the unit to get it back up

Maybe the side can has some assembly problem.

Have you tried to replace for other one?



We bought 10 of these force 300 s for a installation that I’m busy with the throuput is amazing getting about 500mbps per link but now I have a major issue the links work perfectly for about 3 weeks with no load ( running firmware version 4.1.3) the moment I put load on the link (streaming 1 cctv camera) the whole link drops so when I say drop I mean I’m running a continuous ping to my master and the moment I pull in the live video the ping drops and everything stalls. Then it works for about 10 pings then it drops, I upgraded it this morning to firmware version 4.1.4 and the problem is even worse now. I have lost all my confidence with Cambuim it’s definitely a firmware (hardware) issue because I know the breakout point on the network is rock solid any ideas or support please

Hi Jone,

Im intresteted in the RC11 for the Force300


@Johan Brits wrote: any ideas or support please

Hi, you may have more luck in either the ePMP Support Forums, or by opening a Support Ticket directly with Cambium.  I can tell you that this is not my experience, when we are using Force300's as backhaul's.  We get great throughput and we don't have the problem of the link dropping when there is traffic on it.  The attached image shows uptime of over a month without a drop, running the 4.3-RC51 firmware.


This is in 40 Mhz mode, and we typically have anywhere from 80 Mbit to 200 Mbit going across this link - with peaks right around 300 Mbps aggregate traffic at peak times, with no stability issues in over a month. :)