ePMP Force180 PoE

Hi, can i power 2 ePMP Force180 with Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch 8XP ?

Are Ubiquiti radios still 24v Passive PoE ? The F180 is passive PoE , will run on 24v and they are polarity agnostic so anything that will run a 24v ubiquiti radio should run F180s. Just make sure it’s not 48v, pretty sure 48v fry them.

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Thanks for reply, EdgeSwitch 8XP is 24v/48v selectable and passive PoE.
I found this in ePMP Force180 datasheet: “Ethernet Interfaced10/100/1000BaseT, Compatible with Cambium PoE pinouts (V+ = 7 & 8, Return = 4 & 5) and Standard PoE pinouts (V+ = 4 & 5, Return = 7 & 8)” i think any passive 24V PoE can handle this radio