Epmp fore 300-25 lan port not working

hai… when i connected to the poe… is blinked…

What light is blinking? The POE light or the ethernet light on the radio? Have you tried changing the ethernet cables?

More information needed.
Which lights on which device the radio and the poe brick have led lights.

If the poe led is blinking then change the cable, if still blinking then change the poe brick.

On the radio you have a power led, the ethernet led and the rssi leds.
Power will blink on bootup then go solid.
Ethernet will light up and go out several times during bootup then go solid and blink if data is passing.
Rssi leds will flash in sequence until connected to an AP, then show the relative rssi.

Once on any 4.x firmware you can boot up and use to access the radio without vlan issues until it connects to an AP then Vlan is enforced.

If connected to an AP then you can use the over the air IP to connect and see what the radio says in its status and syslog.

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POE LIGHT… CABLES and poe brick ALSO CHANGED… radio not connecting.

If the POE light is solid, then starts blinking when radio is plugged in, then the radio is most likely damaged from a storm or power surge.

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as Cheree mentioned, pay attention to the power brick light, if it stays solid then the radio/cable is not shorted.
if power is good and another radio can be used to verify the data capability of the power brick and cables (can you access another radio if it is plugged in ?) then look at the lights on the radio, power should come on blinking, then go solid after a minute. ethernet light should come on and go off several times then stay on if there is a ethernet link else it should stay off. if data is moving it will flicker.

IF the power light stays blinking then your radio is either stuck or in recovery mode depending on last firmware, any of the 4.x firmware will have it in recovery mode and your laptop needs to be set for no vlan, and tftp server setup with no security and firewall disabled. you will need the recovery files from the firmware package so the radio can boot and will be accessible on either or depending on how it comes up (ap vs sm mode), then you use the web gui to upload the firmware package again. at this point after uploading a new firmware, factory reset the radio to ensure any config issues do not force the radio back to recovery mode.