ePMP frecuencies

Hi, I see epmp fecuencies go up to 59xx Mhz. I am using "other" contry regulation but doesnt appear; only goes up to 5865.

anybody knows witch contry or licence is needed for more frecuencies. they are usable here.

Hello Juan,

The 5.9GHz band requires the radio to be calibrated for that band. If the radio is not calibrated from the factory for the 5.9GHz band, the software will not allow you to choose frequencies from that band. You can verify if the radio is calibrated or not for 5.9GHz via CLI using snmp, as shown below:

snmp get -v 2c -c public .
. = INTEGER: 0

Return value of 0 indicates board is not calibrated for 5.9GHz band while a return value of 1 indicates board is calibrated for 5.9GHz band.



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This calibration is something that was added at a later date in the factory, or it is specific to some SKU?

For ePMP1000, 5.9GHz calibration only applies to "Rest of the World"radios, but not all "Rest of the World"radios produced are calibrated for the 5.9GHz band, as this feature was introduced after the initial introduction of the product.