Epmp going to Default FW Ver 2.4-2.6


anyone else having there epmp SM going to Default on clients ends. until now i had encounter over 10 Client with NAT on the Epmp, having the SM going to Default completely. also the Router Cambium CN Pilot R200/R201 with eh FW 4.2.3-R4 had 4 costumer having their router going to Default.

Just curious - on the ePMPs do you have "Reset Via Power Sequence" disabled?  (on Tools->Backup/Restore page)

As a matter of policy we disable that feature on every device.  Rarely seen a problem (more frequent with Ubiquiti PtP gear we've resold) but we've definitely had a few instances where blinking power triggered default.


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For me too, I disabled this feature and solved the issue.