epmp hotspot as DHCP server

Is it possible to set up an epmp hotspot to serves own as its own router behind an epmp Force 180 CPE?  Force 180 will link to 90 degree sectorial serving as AP for other clients, so I don't want to use our core router for DHCP, but neither do I want to install a router (if we can avoid it) on site as it is an open bar/ club on an ocean front boardwalk .  All I want on site is the force 180 and the epmp hotspot up on a pole.  Can this be done?  If so, how do I program the epmp hotspot so clients get their IP addresses from the hotspot?  We expect 50 to 100 clients to be using the hotspot at peak times.  Our core DHCP is like a DHCP pool of coming out of the hotspot.  Bridge subnet is (this question was originally posted in cnPilot E400 by accident and I don't see how to move it so re-posted here)


I think you have the solution now posted here.


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Worked like a charm, thank you!  I am just getting up to speed on using VLAN's and your solution is exactly what i needed.

We got the equipment up quickly in time for the Sunday Beach Club rush and clients were happy.  This is a congested area, with every bar blasting out signals unnecesarily at full power, but a quick scan with the onboard WiFi scanner and we found a clear channel.  I plan to try using the scheduler for the scanner but would like to know what to expect if I set it up to scan every couple of hours for example...will clients notice the scan and channel cahnge, or will that be pretty seamless?

Here are a couple of photos of the install, 5 GHz ePMP 1000 and 2.4GHz HotSpot.  This is a very harsh environment with lots of traffic in a seaside tourist village, salt air, baking sun and the occasional hurricane, so this is a perfect solution.

Cheers from the Caribbean!

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