EPMP hotspot

Just finished setting up a temporary extension for a local municipality event.  they will be using the wifi for the vendors and staff at the event. the WiFi AP is a 2ghz EPMP1000 in hotspot mode.   works wonderfully!


Roughly what size coverage area were you seeing with this?

Chris, Love the van in the background! :)

From my phones Wifi connection we are getting about 600 feet away before the link was unstable to my phone, its a flat open area, but there is a lot of Wifi noise from the neighboring hotel and other buildings. My labtop faired a little better before it fell off. Over all very please! The area its intended to cover is about 2 blocks and we’ve gotten good signal everywhere around the event. This weekend is the real test, last year the AP we had used had 50 devices connected to it and while everyone was happy with it, some complained of being kicked off from time to time.


Thanks about our vans! The company we hired did a great job on them and the price was reasonable!

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How did the hotspot work over the weekend during the event? Any feedback from the vendors?

Information on the cnPilot ePMP 1000 Hotspot is available HERE.

The hotspot performed wonderfully, approximately 100 vendors and event staffed used the hotspot durring the event with all possitive feedback. Most of the traffic was for credit card processing and web browsing. We’re looking forward to getting more of these setup down the road!


Wow! fantastic. Thanks for the prompt feedback!

I just purchased 5 from Garrett at CTI. Hope they go well. This post has me high hopes!

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