EPMP Ignores Mother Nature

Hey Everyone!

The weather in Montana has been all over the place the past few weeks for us at Treasure State Internet.  We have been in the negatives, positives, and everywhere inbetween over the last few weeks.  The one thing that has held consistent is our ePMP signal strengths.  Admittedly, we were a little worried about singal strength fluxuations going into winter weather, but it seems those worries weren't necessary.  All of our customers are still happy, speeds are staying consistent; the only thing really bothering us so far is cold hands.  In the next week we are going to have a 61 degree difference in temperatures -- but we're not too worried about our EPMP hardware.  We plan on setting up some official signal logging over the next year so we can show fluxuations over time.  

Upcoming Weather


Hi Matt,

Do you have any screen shots of speeds?


Here's a speed test pulled off a random AP.  PS. It's -22F right now.  

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how about your distances?

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