ePMP Jeopardy

At a recent sales conference, our technical team played Cambium Networks Jeopardy for prizes. Any interest in an ePMP version of this game with network operators as contestants? I would appreciate your ideas on topics, how to select players, having it as a live webinar, and what prizes to have.

Anyone interested?

Cambium Networks Jeopardy


Heck yeah!

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I'd love this! For prizes I think some of the new cnPilot gear and the F180 Bridge-in-a-box would be great, and I think it would be cool to include coupons/vouchers for free/reduced price Cambium certification classes.  As for content, I think things such as ePMP features, and how to properly configure certain setups could be interesting. 

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Sounds like, I’d join in!

Sounds interesting... I'd like to join...

As for prizes, it'd be good some merchandising like hat, t-shirts, ... to everyone and for winner maybe some discounts for ePMP certification would be nice!



Sounds fun!

Great Idea Ray! I'd enjoy it.

This looks like a go. We are planning for a live webinar. We are working on question categories - any suggestions?

ACRONYMS | What do they stand for

GPS | GPS Sync related answers

WHERE IS IT? | Navigation inside an ePMP

GET PHYSICAL | Size of bolt? Where's the puck go? Answers related to physical install

MAESTRO | Maestro ePMP related topics


I am intrigued - just as long as there's no ePMP Sports Jeopardy Category! With categories like "Sports Jeopardy", and "Flags of Cross and Crescent", my real-life Jeopardy experience was a disappointing one...

I promise - no sports questions.

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We are looking to have the first session in September. We need 3 contestants, and will select at random from the following so far - anyone else interested? post here by Tuesday Aug 21,

  • Jerry Head
  • SBBinc
  • Chris-Bay
  • paolo-pftech
  • Matthew Howard
  • Ben Royer
  • dshea

If it is good, we will have a second episode soon after (with 3 more players selected at random from the remaining list.



We will not be using this game structure for the event. 

Please visit THIS THREAD for the game rules and details.



Please register to Play Cambium Connect on Oct 31.

Please visit THIS THREAD for the game rules and details.