ePMP Mamagement over cloud cnMaestro

Hi, as I am new to ePMP I wanted to ask if the only way to access an ePMP configuration is through the device build-in menu. I have an installation with 10 ePMP f180 SMs connecting to an ePMP2000L. They are all onboarded to cloud cnMaestro. I did not find a way however to control any of them through cnMaestro. All I can do through the cloud is reboot them. For anything else I need to connect to the device! Not very helpful for remote installations!

What do you need to do ?
A lot of things u can do via upload templates directly from Cloud to SM.
Show more details I will try to help u :slight_smile:

Everything was working quite well for about a month. Then there was a power interruption. When power was restored the SMs would not register to the AP. I visited the site and realized that the AP changed its base frequency. My fault, as I left this setting to auto. I fixed the frequency and selected 2 alternative frequencies as well. I would think that the SMs would go through a frequency scanning process to discover the new frequency but they did not. I had to reboot all of them. So I enabled the watchdog feature and had it set to restart the radio thinking that would force the SMs to rescan if the pings failed. Well, it did not happen! There was another power failure next day and the SMs never registered to the AP. I revisited the site and this time I had the watchdog to reboot the SMs. That was 2 days ago. Last night there was another power failure. The SMs now register to the AP but they loose connection every 30 minutes or so and then they reconnect. Everything is unstable.

I thought of removing watchdog through cnMaestro, but apparently I cannot. I indeed see the templates but I am not sure how to use them. I actually downloaded the configuration and saved it as a template but I am not sure what to do next!

It is realy easy.
Please create template (name for ex. WatchDog), dedicated for SM.
Fullfil with this:
“device_props”: {
“watchdogEnable”: “0”

Save this to the template.
Then go to configuration tab, select this template and click apply. :slight_smile:

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Thank you! So I can apply only the part of the template I need to change? I have played around with it but I save the entire configuration as a template, then find the part I need to change, make the change, save it again with a new name and finally I apply the whole configuration to the device.

Is the command line configuration written in a common computer language or is it a Cambium specific language?

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This is json standard :slight_smile: + Some cambium parameters :slight_smile:

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