ePMP MP 3000 without access

I have an epmp micropop 3000. The fact is that I cannot access the equipment through the direct lan cable to the pc as indicated in the guide.
I have configured the static ip on the pc
In this way I try to access the computer through and I do not have access as with the ip 169.254.x.y

I have tried to perform a factory reset in case it brought any factory settings and only the power led remains fixed, the one for cable lan does nothing even though the pc’s network card does recognize the connected cable.

Someone knows what it may be due to.


There is another way to access AP.
Set on Your PC IP like this netmask
Then try to connenct via to the AP :slight_smile: I’m pretty sure that it will work :slight_smile:



I use to have this problem in the past with Ubiquiti products and later realised my lan cables were the problem. They wernt crimped correctly.

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Proper and complete crimping aside, pin out must be either eia/tia 568a or 568b on both ends. Cross over cables (a to b cables) do not work properly and should be avoided. Best is to use a pre made patch cable off the shelf rather than make one, avoid using solid core cables for bench work they just break too easily.

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