EPMP Noise Performance

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     im a wisp since 2007 in rural Quebec Canada. I just got hands on some epmp to make a real test. Im pretty impress where the ubnt barely work i can achieve 40 mbps from my sm to a epmp gps sync in 10 mhz. Here include the noise from the SM


Wow! That's one noisy environment. Glad ePMP is working out for you!

Can you share any photos of your installations? How many SMs do you have?

Yes i will take a pic of the antenna on the house (My house) where is the SM . For now i only have this  SM on the network next week we plan to move customers from the ubnt to the Cambium(Around 8). It's my AP Test rig in my home village. The AP is around 10 Km away in the forest ( add barely freznel zone)

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The SM Is a Connecterized EPMP 1000. The Antenna is a Dual Polarity Grid Dish from lanbowan 22 db Rotate at 45 for dual Slant. The AP is a EPMP1000 GPS with the standard 90 Degrees antenna from Cambium. I just discover today Cambium have pole mount for the connecterized antenna :P Not include in this pic...


The AP is  on a  grain elevator 10 km away just over a rocket titanium m2 with a 120 degree antenna. (I just put it there to see cross interference between the two ap...) At around 100 feet over the ground. At home is around 45 feet high 


And the speedtest i use udp is a 750UP to a 750UP 


And I found the origin of the high noise... 3/4 Mile away We have shop that build machinery. My antenna point just over the shop and they use a lot of arc welding. Almost all day long... 

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