I've grabbed the latest MIB file I can find, searching for some specific OIDs and can't seem to find any that seem to work...

I'd like to monitor on our ePMP SMs:

Operating Frequency

Operating Channel Bandwidth

Can anyone confirm the OIDs for these?

. (or cambiumSTAConnectedRFFrequency.0) is currently-connected frequency in KHz

. (or cambiumSTAConnectedRFBandwidth.0) is either 1 (20MHz) or 2 (40MHz) channel width


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According to the MIB it would be:

.   -  "The frequency connected to AP Device Allocation: SM" 

.  -  "Connected RF Bandwidth: 1 for 20MHz, 2 for 40 MHz Device Allocation: SM" 

Under CambiumPmp80211SystymStatus.CambiumRFStatus


I tried those and had no luck...

That being said, for frequency works.... 

I've notcied this with other Cambium OIDs.. adding the .0 makes them work. What's the reason for that?

From the Net-SNMP site regarding snmpget (Sourceforge):

"A common mistake when using the snmpget command is to leave off the index into the data you're looking for. In the above commands, the variable requested by the OID is a scalar and the index to scalars is always a simple '0' (zero), hence the trailing '.0' in all the oids above. If you had left it off, you would have gotten an error."

If you're using snmpwalk (or some equivalent) you're asking for anything at or below the OID you specify, snmpget ordinarily has to have the complete OID of the actual value.

Other implementations may behave differently, of course.  But this is (IIRC) the official behavior.



I'd like to know also the custome OID for the following from the ePMP1000

1. Link Capacity

2. DL/UL Transmit Rates

3. Wireless Availability

4. DL/UL Utilization

As fo these parameters, I can easily determine health of my RF link.

You may also provide the same for PTP65....

Thank you