epmp omni

Im curious on how the kp performance omni is working for everyone? How far can it reach? How many customers can conmnect with decent signals in a LOS scenario. how about in a nLOS scenario? anyone got pics of them in action? how much vertical separation would they need from other gear such as pmp100 fsk? any info would be greatly appreciated. im ordering a couple tomorrow.

i forgot to mention. the 13db omni in 5ghz

We use their 5ghz omni's with radio case and were surprised to get  -68 type recieve signals from 7-8 miles away with the Force 200's.  They really shine in 10Mhz channels but if you just need to cover 2-3 miles and can find clean spectrum then 20Mhz channels work fine.  Keep in mind that the antenna is 13dbm but you can legally set your AP to 23db if needed in FCC zones.  The key with any omni in my opinion is finding clean frequency from all directions which isn't easy to do in more populated areas.  The only thing I ever ran onto a problem with them was that on one of them the coax jumper that came with the antenna's was bad and we sent it up the tower without testing and noticed the modulation was very poor on one path.  Find a clean frequency and test before going up with it and they work great.  

thank you for your input.  this is gonna be tough. frequencies are tight in my area but im sure ill figure it out. i think our farthest customer will be around 3 kilometers but the majority are within 1km.

im using the onmi as a way to migrate all my customers from pmp100 to epmp1000. once theyre all migrated, im putting either a 4 sector or a 6 sector cluster on the tower got about 50 customers or so going on the onmi. theyre all ok with slower speeds until the migration is done as there is light at the end of the tunnel lol 

You might want to consider skipping the omni and just putting up one ePMP sector at a time... migrate a PMP100 sector over to epmp, take down the PMP100, and move on to the next sector. You can also GPS sync and use back to back frequency reuse between PMP100 and ePMP which can give you some additional help in migrating.

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that was the original plan eric. Sadly the tower cant support the weight of the new gear with the cluster up there too. this tower is used for 2 fm radio stations as well as 2 way transmission for emergency services in our small commuinity. we are getting a bigger tower but that wont happen for a year and this upgrade us behind schedule.