ePMP ping to subscribers

Hi everyone,
I’m using ePMP for my network and I’m almost satisfied with it.
But… there is one thing I really want Cambium to work in: ping to customers.

Ping is high: 11-12ms is the lowest value you can see on a very stable link in GPS Sync 75/25 at 2.5ms frame size.

We work hardly to reduce ping for gamers and business customers, but there are some situations where you really would like to cut out some milliseconds from ePMP and you can’t.
Sometimes we have 40-50ms on fiber for some game servers far from our PoP and adding 12ms or more can give more than 60ms in game, which is not a good ping in the “fiber era”, and customers are constantly complaining with us about that.

I know PMP 450 is a totally different gear, but on that product the latency is 3-5ms and it’s far lower than ePMP.

Is Cambium working on that aspect for ePMP?
Will the new ePMP series reduce latency?
Will a firmware upgrade reduce latency?

Thank you


Hi Giuseppe,

Thank you for your feedback.

The latency is the flip side of the high sector throughput with TDD protocol.

2.5 ms frame was implemented to reduce it and in clean wireless environment latency was reduced to 5-7 ms.

In additional ePTP mode was implemented for PTP links where low latency is extremely needed.

Latency for some specific traffic can be reduced slightly configuring QoS prioritization rules.

We continue work to reduce it in further ePMP releases and new ePMP3000, Force220/300 will have hardware features which allows to reduce latency significantly.

Thank you.

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Hi Fedor,

thank you for your answer.

I never saw 5-7ms on a perfect ePMP 2000 sector, even with MCS15 at 99.9% on both upload and download.

My minimum is about 11ms (roundtrip) for a single SM.

I can confirm ePTP mode latency is about 2-3ms and that's good for PTP. 

Do you have any specification about how much latency decrease we'll have in the new software/hardware releases?


Unfortunately I cannot share any exact numbers for now, but it will be lower than today for ePMP1000/2000.

Thank you.