ePMP port forward stop working after PPPoE disconnection

Hi there!

Lately I've been noticing a weird problem starting from 3.0 firmware.

I haven't noticed in the past firmware.

We work for a large wireless internet provider in Italy, we use PPPoE authentication in every SM device. I've noticed that when we got even a micro disconnection of the PPPoE tunnel, when SM reconnect PPPoE session again, then if there are some port forward rules setup in the SM, then it won't work anymore... the only way to get port forward working again, we must reboot SM.

We've noticed this problem with both ePMP Force180 and Force200.

Anyone noticed this problem too?

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Thank you for posting this.
We will check described issue.
I will keep you updated.

Thank you.

For now we cannot reproduce your issue.

Could you please send configuration file of AP and SM to: fedir.trutsko@cambiumnetworks.com

Thank you.

I have seen this issue as well, I haven't narrowed it down to PPPoE re-connects, but we are using PPPoE, so that could very well be what's triggering it. In our case, we have a DMZ setup pointing at the customer's router, which is on a static IP, and it just stops forwarding until the SM is rebooted. I have seen this happen on at least two different customers.

Also I would be grateful if you could provide more information regarding PPPoE server used.

Thank you.

I just had this happen again. The SM that it happened on this time is actually running 2.6.1, instead of just rebooting it, I switched it from using DMZ to just forwarding the range of ports the customer is using and it did start working again without rebooting. Unfortunately, I don't know when the port forward stopped working, but it looks like the PPPoE session had been up for 4+ days.

We are using Mikrotik PPPoE servers.

Were you able to find anything out about this? I'm still seeing it happen on two different customers, fairly often.

We're testing a situation with AP and SM with new fw 3.2 and it seems problem is disappeared.

It's been more than a week that, even if we had some pppoe disconnection, port forwarding on SM keeps working perfectly.

Hope this is fixed.

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From our side we were trying to reproduce issue during 3.2 Release development, but we have not seen issue reproduced.  Please monitor system behavior on 3.2 Release and let us know whether it is still reproducible.

Thank you.