Epmp Power Limitations

When looking at the epmp 2.4.3pdf it shows the following Conducted power is allowed for PTMP.

Edit - United States is country

5180-5240(center frequency) allows for 20 conducted power.

5260-5340(center frequency) allows for 18 conducted power.

When my GPS epmp is set to 5240 it allows for 20 to be in the output power, but when its set at 5270 it only allows for 13 even though the pdf shows it can go up to 18.

Is 13 the intended power output for that range? If so why does the pdf report 18 as the maximum power output for that range? This is also happening on other ranges, but I figured your explanation for this one would probably cover the  rest.



Hi John,

Thanks for your question. The power limit depends on different country codes (due to regulatory test results). For US/FCC, the 5270 limit is 13 but for countries like Chile, it is 18. For “Other” CC, it is 27. The per country code power limit is also true for other frequency bands. Please let meknow if you have more questions.