ePMP PTP vs. PTP 650

So, I'm fairly savy when it comes to making these links in the link planner software and one link in particular seems to have me confused.  When I replace a link I've made with PTP 650 gear with 3 foot dishes at each end with a ePMP 100 PTP link with it's default setup on the exact same frequency and heights I get much better results with the lower priced ePMP gear.  I realize the 650 is a better piece of hardware with lower latency and more engineering but, I mean, when I get 20 meg more in expected throughput and the price difference is at such extremes I don't know if I can ever justify the 650 unless this is just a bug in the link planner software.

So, my question is: Is this normal?  Does the ePMP PTP outperform the PTP 650 in raw throughput performance even with larger dishes at both ends on the 650?

Hi Nathan,

Can you send your project file with both links to linkplanner.ptp@cambiumnetworks.com so that we can investigate?






Hi Nathan,

When using external parabolic dishes with PTP 650 in the 5.1, 5.2 or 5.4 GHz bands in the United States, please set the Regulation to United States (Parabolic) in both LINKPlanner and the product, to take advantage of the different regulatory settings, which for 5.1 GHz in particular allows higher EIRP limits, when using Parabolic dishes. This will allow you to get a like for like comparison with ePMP. For this particular link you will see that PTP 650 comfortably outperforms ePMP with the 2ft dishes, achieving over 155 Mbps, almost twice that of ePMP.



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