ePMP Release 4.1.4 is now available for the ePMP Force 300

ePMP Release 4.1.4 is now available for the ePMP Force 300 and PTP 550.  The Software can be downloaded at:




HI, PTP550 second radio is still not connecting with 4.1.4. Same problem as with 4.1.3. Link 20km distance. (Downgrade to 4.1.2 second radio is connecting normally).

Did you use spectrum analyzer? Maybe you left it enabled and it is using the second radio?

Nope, spectrum analyzer is disabled.

I don't understand. Can you explain why I must disable espectrum analizer in PTP 550 for bonding?

Manual says:

PTP 550 features three radio interfaces – two radios are used for data transfer and one radio is used for a real time spectrum analyzer and Dynamic Channel Selection (supported in a future release).

You are right. SA should work independently from the main link. Could you arrange a remote session so I could take a look at the radio?

UPD: fgirdilo, shared access to the devices, and the second radio was working. The problem probably was in low SNR as the radio environment was noisy. After changing "Target SM RSSI" to -50dbm link 40+40 MHz was established.

Still getting kernal panics on one Force300 as an AP in a PTP with 4.1.3 and 4.1.4. 

Subscriber module is fine.

I see less of them with 4.1.2.

mhughes, could you, please, share the logs with me? Andrii.khyzhnyi (at) cambiumnetworks.com

Sure,  how do I do this?

Send me the kernel panics you get to email.
Andrii.khyzhnyi (at) cambiumnetworks.com

Just notified that this was a known problem and fixed in 4.3 due out in a week or so.

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Any update on when we can expect 4.3 ?  Isn't this the one where we are supposed to get DFS channels ? 

A week has come and  gone some time ago.  Can we get a status of 4.3?

FCC has been shutdown.  I'm willing to bet its going to be a few days after the FCC opens back up.  they can't release the firmware until they get that shiny piece of paper that says its ok. 

Hi! for PTP operations(PTP550 and Force300-25) and 4.3.1-RC7 for PMP operations(ePMP3000, Force300-16 and Force300-25) are available on our support site.

DFS FCC bads are still pending and unfortunatly I don't have a firm date for this just yet.




Ug we have been setting on all these F300's for 8 months waiting for DFS. They are useless to us without us without DFS channels... 

I was seeing an average of 7 kernal panics per day on a force300-25 PTP link.  4.3.1RC7 seems to have fixed it. Rock solid since the firmware upgrade.

i use 4.1.4 on a link with Mikrotik Hex Powerbox Pro. When at 1 Gbps at the second the traffic pass 40-50 Mbps the ethernet port start flicking on the station Side. I inverse the role AP Station on the link and it's always accour on the station side. I replace the Radio , the cable , the mikrotik box and the power supply and i can reproduce this any time on the link. On 100 Mbps i got stable connection.