ePMP Release 4.5.5 is now available

ePMP Release 4.5.5 is now available

Supported Platforms
ePMP 11n and ePMP 11ac families
Elevate XM and XW

The software can be downloaded at:

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Firmware release posts use to be locked to the top in the old forums but this seems to no longer be the case. Is it not possible with these new forums or not something you are doing any more ? It’s not just he ePMP forums, I actually noticed this when I went looking for 450i firmware posts.

Hi @brubble1,

I’m trying to go through and tag all topics related to releases with the #release-notes tag. You can click on that tag to view all releases across the whole community.

To view the releases within a single category (eg. #products:epmp), you can visit that category and select release-notes from the tag selector:


Finally, you can also select to get a notification whenever a new topic is posted under the #release-notes tag, by visiting your preferences page and putting the tag in one of the notification levels:

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