EPMP - routing protocols via OpenWRT

Hi guys,

I notice that the EPMP CPE devices like F180/F200/F300 all seem to run a derivitive of OpenWRT.

I would like to request an advanced feature. 

FRR - http://docs.frrouting.org/projects/dev-guide/en/latest/building-frr-for-openwrt.html routing is available to OpenWRT.

If that could be run on a CE device say via having it enabled in the WebGUI via a checkbox and then you manage the config via supplying a config file or SSH -> vtysh FRR CLI it would open quite a lot of features.

You would then need to be able to attach the LAN bridge via existing EPMP config file.

My use case would be to run EVPN VXLAN type 2 and type 5 down to these devices enabling a fully routed domain.

This feature would make EPMP the most advanced and scalable WISP device out. Even Mikrotik doesn't do EVPN yet (MPLS and EOIP).

The other option is to allow sudo/shell access for admin user to do this for ourselves via a startup script and then we can share to the wider community.


Thank you.